The Sky Center/NMSIP recognizes that training must incorporate the development of resilience as the cornerstone of youth suicide prevention efforts. Accordingly, our comprehensive outreach and training program integrates the research of mindfulness practice and the themes of inclusion, empathetic communication, and connection as the foundation for successful suicide prevention and wellness.

Our educational program offers presentations about suicide and its prevention to school, parents, youth service organizations, faith leaders, community organizations, and clubs. A special focus of this program is gatekeeper training, which involves educating those who have daily contact with young people to recognize suicide warning signs, respond appropriately and be the link or “gate” to community resources.

These trainings also address issues and behaviors correlated to suicide risk, including depression, school problems, family conflict, and bullying. Our educational presentations incorporate evidence about the vulnerability of the LGBTQ population and other high risk groups to these issues. LGBTQ students report being five times more likely to miss school because of bullying they have experienced due to their sexual orientation. Recent studies state that about 30 percent of all completed suicides have been related to sexual identity crisis.