NMSIP provides a crucial continuum of school-based and community efforts to significantly impact the serious problem of youth suicide in Santa Fe County and Northern New Mexico.

  • Free Family Counseling
    Provides accessible and affordable services for youth and their families who are identified to be in need and serves as a teaching and training field site for graduate students and clinicians.
  • Inner & Outer Life SkillsThe Sky Center offers counseling groups in the Santa Fe Public Schools at no cost to the district. An in-house curriculum has been developed to aid at-risk youth in building social-emotional skills and resilience. Students engage in activities that utilize four key strategies shown to boost resilience: social connection, enhanced self-regulation, mindful awareness, and optimism.
  • HUGS (High Utilizer Group Services)
    CHRISTUS ST. Vincent Regional Medical Center has linked with SKY Center to offer top-notch, wrap-around, therapeutic and non-traditional services for individuals under the age of twenty-two, including individual and group counseling, identification and fostering of mentoring relationships, parent coaching, connection to primary care and medication management.
  • Postvention Crisis Services
    Our Postvention Team offers crisis support services and assist community and school leaders in navigating the grief process, reaching out to other at-risk youth and talking with parents.
  • Natural Helpers
    Natural Helpers is a peer-helping program that targets a diverse, cross-section of middle and high school students, ages 12-18.  Its purpose is to create a caring and supportive community within each school by teaching selected students to respond effectively when they or their peers experience a wide range of difficulties.
  • Graduate & Advanced Studies Training
    The SKY Center’s Graduate Internships and Advanced Studies Training Program offers a challenging and supportive learning environment for graduate students seeking an internship in social work, counseling, psychology or related field.
  • Suicide Awareness & Gatekeeper Training
    Over the last 19 years, NMSIP has developed training, education and public awareness programs that have delivered vital suicide prevention training skills and awareness information to several thousand students, school teachers and staff, behavioral health specialist, faith community leaders, youth service organizations and parents.
  • Mindful Education Santa Fe -Mindful Education Santa Fe’s mission is to offer and support mindful education practices in all Santa Fe school communities by 1) supporting the mindfulness practice of educators and 2) by implementing mindful education in the classroom. In light of the abundance of research strongly suggesting the benefits of mindful awareness practices for well-being, The Sky Center includes these practices throughout our services on the continuum of suicide prevention strategies. While mindfulness strategies have been a long-standing foundational element of our free family counseling services, graduate and advanced studies training and Inner and Outer Life Skills Group programs, Mindful Education Santa Fe is a new offering that intends to broaden the reach of prevention strategies throughout the Santa Fe school.