The Sky Center/NMSIP recently added Mindful Education Santa Fe to its continuum of suicide prevention programs.  This program was created based on the abundant research supporting the practice of mindfulness for mental health and wellness benefits.  Monthly practice opportunities for educators and counselors are offered at the SKY Center on the third Friday of every month. Retreat opportunities are also available.  Training and support of educators and counselors, interested in introducing mindful awareness practices in their classrooms, is an additional service provided.

Mindfulness strategies have been a longstanding foundational element in the SKY Center’s family and group counseling programs and graduate intern and advanced studies training.  The practice of mindful awareness provides another circle of safety to suicide vulnerable students.

For more information, please contact The SKY Center at 505-473-6191 or

Erin Doerwald, Program Director at 505-819-1492

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Mindful Education Santa Fe and Rio Grande Mindfulness Institute: Retreat for Educators and Teachers

In October 2016, the Mindful Education Santa Fe initiative included a first-time collaboration with the Rio Grande Mindfulness Institute.  A half-day retreat for educators and counselors was led by Henry Shukman, guiding teacher and spiritual director at Mountain Cloud Zen Center.   He led the group of educators and counselors in mindfulness exercises and discussed the importance of having a “full cup” in order to effectively serve others. Guided and walking meditation periods were punctuated with time to ask questions, offer thoughts and feedback, and discuss next steps for mindful education in New Mexico.