Mindful Education Santa Fe was developed in 2014 in response to a growing need within our school communities for programming focused on the development of resiliency for educators as they face a number of direct and indirect of risk factor that include, but are not limited to:

• Low morale, toxic stress, trauma and secondary trauma in school communities
• Burn-out and high turn-over in school staff; school communities constantly in flux without social connection or a strong sense of belonging
• Explicit/Implicit Bias, Stereotyping and Stereotype Threat affecting staff and students alike in the school setting, leading to performance issues as well as bullying and violence, both extreme and covert
• Widespread behavioral health issues including depression, anxiety, and mood dysregulation impacting school staff and students alike

Mindful Education Santa Fe explores the intersections of trauma-sensitive mindfulness practice, resiliency, and community health utilizing the latest interpersonal neurobiology research and systems theory. We have been utilizing mindful awareness practices in our clinical setting for over a decade in the training of our therapists and interventions with our clients. As such, it has been a natural extension of this highly effective modality to offer mindful awareness and resiliency practices to community organizations whose staff include clinicians, educators, health care providers, and crisis response workers.
Day-long workshops, curricula, and staff and student trainings are implemented in collaboration with the Santa Fe Public Schools and community partners. Training and support of educators and counselors, interested in introducing mindful awareness practices in their classrooms, is an additional service provided. Our trained staff also offers mindfulness presentations directly in the classroom upon request. A mindful awareness practice curriculum and program developed at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center’s Training in Mindfulness Facilitation Program is available to school communities.

For more information, please contact The Sky Center at 505-473-6191 or

Erin Doerwald, Program Director at 505-819-1492

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New Mexico Highlands University students practicing mindfulness led by members of The Sky Center team: Ariadna Izaguirre (’18) and Shyann Romero Martinez (’18).