Sky Center is staffed by experienced supervisors who provide intensive training to graduate interns of social work and counseling as well as advanced training for practicing clinicians, physicians, and school counselors. The training program is unique in New Mexico and utilizes one-way mirror direct observation providing live supervision utilizing a team approach. Our training includes:

  • Mindful awareness strategies to develop therapeutic presence while also building the internal resilience necessary for being with and letting go of the challenging stories of clients.
  • Culturally competent approaches that recognize the differences and uniqueness of all families.
  • Practical skill based interventions to help families address serious issues and experience change.
  • A focus on including multigenerational, extended and blended families with the knowledge that sometimes it can take a whole village to wrap their arms around a youth at risk.

Hundreds of graduate students have received training in family and group therapy at The Sky Center. Over 90% of these therapists stay in New Mexico and continue to serve our communities with specialized skills and cultural competencies developed at The Sky Center

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