Resilience in the Face of the Holiday Blues

The Sky Center recognizes that the holiday season can bring as much stress as it can bring joy. Families with school age children find themselves juggling extra child care needs with the demands of working life. Not everyone’s home environment mirrors the images depicted on the multitude of screens that are simultaneously imploring us to purchase our way to happiness. It can be a recipe for stress and in the extreme, trigger symptoms of depression and anxiety.

However, more time together with family and friends and the support of this increased connection can offer pathways to resilience. In fact, the following on-line article in Psychology Today debunks myths around increased suicidality during the holiday season and offers some helpful insights into other common misconceptions regarding suicidality:

For some helpful tips on how to manage holiday stress, we offer the following article by Judson Brewer in Mindful Magazine’s November issue: Train Your Brain to Tame Holiday Stress and Anxiety.


The Sky Center is selected for 2% Cash Pay Proceeds

Sweetwater harvest kitchen has selected The Sky Center as the recipient of the month of December and will give 2% of their cash sales! Come visit Sweetwater harvest kitchen on 1512 Pacheco Street, Building B, through the month of December, pay with CASH and keep your money local.  All of our programs are free of charge, therefore we depend on the kindness of people like you to keep our doors open for those in need.


Giving Tuesday: Full of Hope


Thank you for sharing your hope with us by giving so generously on #GivingTuesdayNM. You gave $7,665.00 to support our life saving programs.
Your hope will be shared with all the young people and families that we serve at The Sky Center in need of hope. Wishing you a holiday filled with heartfelt giving.

Resources for Allyship: Enhancing Protective Factors for Our LGBQT+ Youth


The Sky Center/New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project seeks to enhance the protective factors that lead to reduced risk for youth suicide in New Mexico. Given the increased risk factors connected to the effects of bias and oppression for marginalized groups, we recognize the importance of sharing resources to increase awareness and support the work of allyship. LGBQT+ youth are at vastly greater risk in terms of contemplating, attempting, and completing suicide. In order for our community to learn more and participate in enhancing the safety and resilience of LGBTQ+ youth, we endorse and offer links to the following resources:

I am Me: Understanding the Intersections of Gender, Sexuality and Identity” is a training film by Jenn Jevertson, MS. As described by Jevertson, the film explores concepts, terminology and challenges that our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) young people face. Link to view on You Tube:

The Trevor Project provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBQT+ youth. To learn more, please visit:

Reducing the risk of youth suicide in Santa Fe County and Northern New Mexico.

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