Staff members Erin Doerwald and Grietje Laga present: Building Resiliency from the Inside Out


This workshop presented Sky Center’s  “self-care toolbox for youth”. This workshop helped nurses, teachers, school counselors, social workers aid students in developing the internal and external resources needed to create well-being and, in turn, social and academic achievement. The focus was to demonstrate the connection between risk and protective factors, self-care, and resilience.


Resources Around Safe Messaging for Youth

There has been a lot of appropriate concern around the message and potential impact of 13 Reasons Why, which is a book and now a series on Netflix which is getting the attention of youth across the country. This is an opportunity to have dialogue with youth and adults who support them to provide context and understanding around safe messaging, and to revisit guidelines for suicide prevention programs for youth.

I am including some materials that provide guidelines for how we talk with youth about suicide, about  media portrayals, and social media messages that affect them and other vulnerable individuals. In our experience, youth who receive guidance and education about these issues can be powerful allies in cultivating and maintaining a safety net.

Please feel free to share the information here with parents, youth, schools and the many other partners in suicide prevention.

Resources and information provided by


Sky Center at the 5th Annual Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness Event

The Sky Center was honored to Plant Seeds for Love & Kindness at the Million March Against Child Abuse in Santa Fe yesterday. Office Manager Marisol Peña and intern Sabrina Rodriguez led the charge for love & kindness in our community in the midst of a blustery day, much like they do every day at The Sky Center!

 Sky Center_ Child Abuse Awareness

Reducing the risk of youth suicide in Santa Fe County and Northern New Mexico.