Be Our Valentine: Annual Giving Campaign 2016

Your Valentine’s Day Gift will increase our ability to serve without barriers and meet the growing demand for our services. We invite you to make an investment in the health and well-being of youth and families by opening your heart, giving generously, and becoming our Valentine.

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The Sky Center and Santa Fe Mountain Center in Partnership

The Sky Center thanks the Santa Fe Mountain Center for their generous sponsorship of both the Natural Helpers and Inner and Outer Life Skills program retreats for youth participants. Over 170 youth were offered training days at the Santa Fe Mountain Center at minimal cost to The Sky Center. We are extremely grateful for their service and the gift of collaboration with such an excellent organization.

Please click on the attached link to view photos from the Inner and Outer Life Skills retreat.


Staff Highlight: Bob Kristy and the Semicolon Peer Support Group

Adolescent HUGS Coordinator and Staff Therapist Bob Kristy writes beautifully in the latest issue of Tumbleweeds Magazine about the Semicolon Peer Support Group, a collaboration between Gerard’s House and The Sky Center. Kristy describes his and Katrina Kohler’s vital roles as co-facilitators of a group of “young people standing up to the oppressive force of suicide” and sharing “stories of courage as teens confront and stand up to suicide and related issues”. Please click on the link below read on about this group and the partnership between these two organizations that both fill essential roles in Santa Fe’s community of healing and hope.


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Where there is help, there is hope.